Special Jute Development Programme (SJDP) under Macro Management Mode of Agriculture


      A Centrally Sponsored Scheme on Special Jute Development Programme had been in operation since 1987-88 with cent per cent Central share in the jute and allied fibre growing states. In October, 2000 the scheme has been transferred to Macro Management Mode of Agriculture. The main terms and conditions for implementation of the scheme under Macro Management Mode of Agriculture are indicated hereunder: 

1. The scheme under Macro Management Mode of Agriculture will be implemented as per existing guidelines and the subsidy in the components will not exceed the existing rate of subsidy.

2. The outlay for the programme will be shared between the Central and the State Government in the ratio of 90:10. In the case of north-eastern states, however, the entire expenditure will be borne by the Govt. of India. The central assistance to the states for this programme will be in the ratio of 80% grant and 20% loan.

3. The state may include new initiative in the programme not exceeding 10% of the total allocation.

4. Subsequently, subsidy of the components reduced to 25 per cent in the year 2002.


Programme implemented by the state governments (Centrally Sponsored Part of SJDP)

 Objective of the programme

Implementing states

       The Special Jute Development Programme (SJDP) has been implementing in nine states, namely, Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh , Assam , Bihar, Meghalaya, Orissa, Tripura, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal . Jute programme is implemented in all the above states excluding Andhra Pradesh and Arunachal Pradesh. Mesta Program me is implemented in three states, namely, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa and Tripura while sunnhemp programme is implemented only in Uttar Pradesh. Ramie programme has been implemented in three states, namely, Arunachal Pradesh , Assam and Meghalaya. The state-wise district and area covered under SJDP before its transfer to Macro Management Mode of Agriculture is indicated in the table below:

Crops covered under SJDP:

  The Jute, Mesta, Sunnhemp and Ramie crops are covered under the SJDP.

Direct Funded Components:

      Central Sector Part of Special Jute Development Programme (SJDP)

     In addition to the Centrally Sponsored part of SJDP implemented by state governments, certain Central Sector components were included in SJDP which were implemented by different organizations. The components included in the Central Sector Part of SJDP are i) National and State Level Workshop-cum-training; ii) Frontline Demonstration and iii) Publicity, Monitoring, etc.


       Components and pattern of assistance of Central Sector Part of SJDP


Sl. No.


Pattern of assistance


National and State Level Workshop-cum-Training for Extension Officers of the State Governments

Cent per cent of the cost limited to Rs.35,000 for National Level Programme for five days duration and Rs.22,900 for State Level Programme for three days duration.


Frontline Demonstration

Limited to Rs.5000 per ha for production technology demonstration and Rs.12,500 for IPM demonstration.


Publicity, Monitoring, etc.

Lump sum grant