Kisan Call Centre


         The Department of Agriculture & Cooperation (DAC), Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India launched Kisan Call Centre on January 21 st , 2004 to deliver extension services to the farming community.

         The purpose of these call centre is to respond to issues raised by farmers, instantly, in the local language. The Directorate of Jute Development (DJD), Kolkata has been made the Nodal Office in respect of Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa and West Bengal . The Kisan Call Centre (KCC), Kolkata assigned to handle calls from these States. Besides, KCC, Kolkata has also assigned to handle calls in respect of all North-Eastern States and SFAC, Guwahati has been made the Nodal Office to monitor the activities. During the March 2006, KCC Guwahati has been established and six North-Eastern States i.e. Arunachal Pradesh , Assam , Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram and Nagaland has been shifted to this call centre. The Assam Agriculture University , Jorhat has been assigned the Nodal office for KCC Guwahati. Query related to agriculture and allied sectors are being addressed through this KCC in respect of these States.

         The DJD is continuously monitoring the activities of KCC, Kolkata in respect of assigned States, with concern circles of BSNL for smooth functioning of the Call Center . The DJD is also feeding the necessary back up to the Ministry for making the necessary programmes for further improvement of the Call Centers.



         Public extension system requires a paradigm shift from top-down, blanket dissemination of technological packages, towards providing producers with the knowledge and understanding with which they solve their own location - specific problems. Continuous two-way interaction among the farmers and agricultural scientists is the most critical component of Agricultural Extension.

         At present, the issues have been addressed by the Extension Systems of State Departments of Agriculture, State Agricultural Universities (SAUs), KVKs, NGOs, Private Extension Services through various extension approaches in transfer of technology. A limitation in Transfer of Technology ( TOT ) model continues to remain a challenge for the public and private extension systems. With the availability of telephone and Internet, it is now possible to bridge this gap to quite a large extent by using an appropriate mix of technologies. The KCC will help to establish a network of relationship among the scientists, policy makers, extension workers, farmers and other stake holders to exchange their views to evolve a unique and revolutionary development of agriculture sector in the country.

        The Department of Agriculture & Cooperation, Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India has launched Kisan Call Centre with a view to leverage the extensive telecom infrastructure in the country to deliver extension services to the farming community. The purpose of this Call Centre is mainly to respond to issues raised by farmers instantly in the local language, on continuous basis.



          The Kisan Call Center, consists of three levels – namely Level-I (the basic Call Center interface, with high quality bandwidth and local language proficient Agriculture Graduate sitting at KCC, Kolkata), Level-II (Subject Matter Specialists on concerned important crops and enterprises, connected through incoming telephone line available at five locations in respect of West Bengal, four location in respect of Bihar, at three Locations in respect of Orissa and at two locations in respect of Jharkhand. Level- III (the Management Group to ensure ultimate answering and resolution of all the farmer's query which are not resolved at Level-II, connected on off line mode).

Level –I: The call center is equipped to receive the farmer's quarry mainly during all seven days. From 06-00 a.m. to 10-00 p.m. the L-I personnel are made available to reply instantly. The call coming to the call center is picked up by an operator (level –I expert) who after a short welcome message takes down the basic information and the query of the caller. These details are fed into a computer located next to the operator by the operator himself. And the first level receiver of the call would also feeds into the computer the question being asked by the farmer.

The first level operators preferably would be an agricultural graduate with rural background knowing local language. They should also posses' good communication skills. They would be in a position to answer a majority of the questions likely to be asked by the farmers.  

Level-II: The level –II consists of Subject Matter Specialists (SMS) who are located at their institutes/Departments identified as Response Centers and arranged to be available regularly in all working days during working hours on roster basis as nominated by the Head of the Department/ Institute to provide the necessary reply. In case the first level-I Personnel is not able to answer the question, he forwards (in call sharing mode) the call to the concerned Subject Matter Specialist. The question asked is transferred to the Level-II functionary to reply the query. In case, it is not possible to answer, there is a system to revert to the caller by post / fax / e-mail or by telephone.

Level – III : The level – III consists of a dedicated cell located at the Nodal Office, Directorate of Jute Development, Kolkata. This would receive the questions that have not been answered at the first and the second levels. Appropriate replies to these questions would be then framed in consultation with the concerned specialists available within or outside the State, by the nodal cell. The replies would be sent to the farmers promptly by post/e-mail/fax/ telephone etc.



The Kisan Call Center infrastructure is placed at three locations namely –

(1)   A professionally managed Call Center (Level-I) has been established by the Ministry at Kolkata where three L-I Personnel in respect of each State remains available for replying the farmers' query. In January 2004 the DSS Mobiles Communications Limited, has started its operation from Ground Floor, Amarjyoti Apartments, Alipore, 10 Belvedere Road, Kolkata-700027 further, due to insufficient space the premises of KCC, Kolkata has been shifted to 2A, Second Floor, 12A, Camac Street, Kolkata-700017

(2)   A Response Center in each organization (Level-II), where services of Subject Matter Specialists are made available.

(3)   The Nodal Cell (Level- III ); the Sub-ordinate office of Department of Agriculture & Cooperation, Ministry of Agriculture located in Kolkata has established a KCC Cell to monitor the activities of entire KCC Programme, including monitoring of Call Centre, coordination between L-I, L-II, and the BSNL for smooth functioning of Call Centre and ultimately benefit for the farmers. 



        The DJD has been assigned to monitor KCC activities of two States i.e. West Bengal and Bihar . The detail particulars of L-II are as follows;

Particulars of Level – II




KCC Incoming No.

West Bengal

Directorate of Agriculture, Govt. of West Bengal, Writer's Buildings, Kolkata-700001.

Sri. P. K. Mandal, ADA (CC).



Central Research Institute for Jute and Allied Fibers, ICAR, Barrockpore, Kolkata – 700120.


Dr. C. R. Biswas

Head of Extension Department


West Bengal University of Animal and Fishery Sciences

68, Ksudiram Bose Sarni, Belgachia, Kolkata – 700037


1. Dr. A. Goswami, Asstt. Director (Extension)


Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya, PO- Krishi Viswavidyalaya Mohanpur, Dist-Nadia, W.B., Pin-741252

Prof. M. M. Adhikary

Head of Dept. of Agriculture Extension




Uttar Banga Krishi Viswavidyalaya, PO- Pundibari, Dist-Coochbehar, W.B., Pin-736165


Dr. Prabhat Pal, Lecturar

Dept. of Agriculture Extenson





Mithapur Agriculture Farm, Patna-800001.

Shri Dhananjaypati Tripathi, Dy. Dir. of Agri. (Information)



Rajendra Agriculture University , Pusa, Samastipur, Bihar

PIN- 848125

Dr. A. K. Chaudhary, Sr. Scientist, Directorate of Extension



College of Fisheries , Dhauli, Muzaffarpur-843121, Bihar

2. Dr. Iqbal Ahmad

Assoc. Prof.


Water and Land Management Institute, WALMI Complex, Phulwari Sharif, Patna - 801505

Shri Y. Nath

Prof. of Drainage & Environment