Centrally Sponsored Scheme on Special Jute Development Programme (SJDP)

(Before transfer to Macro Management Mode of Agriculture)


           Considering the competition of jute sector during 1986, the then Prime Minister created a Special Jute Development Fund (SJDF) worth Rs.100 crores in the Ministry of Textiles, out of which Rs.25 crores was earmarked for the development of raw jute. Considering the past experience and various problems, a more integrated raw jute development programme was formulated with this fund in the name of Special Jute Development Programme (SJDP). Cent per cent share of the programme was borne by the Central Government. The SJDP was launched in 1987-88. The programme continued with SJDF fund up to 1992-93. From 1993-94 onwards, the programme continued with the fund provided by the Ministry of Agriculture (Department of Agriculture & Cooperation). In October, 2000 the SJDP has been subsumed under Macro Management Mode of Agriculture. The programme has been implemented in two parts, one as Centrally Sponsored Part implemented by the different state governments and the other as Central Sector Part implemented by different organizations with direct funding from the Ministry.


 Objective and Strategy

Crops covered

The Jute, Mesta, Sunnhemp and Ramie crops are covered under the SJDP.


Centrally Sponsored Part

 Area of operation and implementing states 

 Components and pattern of assistance


Central Sector Part

In addition to the Centrally Sponsored part of SJDP implemented by state governments, certain Central Sector components were included in SJDP which were implemented by different organizations. The components included in the Central Sector Part of SJDP are i) National and State Level Workshop-cum-training; ii) Frontline Demonstration and iii) Publicity, Monitoring, etc.

 Components and Pattern of Assistance

Implementing Organizations