Senior Technical Assistant /

Statistical Investigator

To assist the authority in the disposal of technical work and for that they have to perform the activities related to planning, formulation of development programme of Jute and allied fibre crops in the country; review and monitoring of implementation of development programmes on Jute and allied fibre crops in the country and for other crops in the assigned states and submission of related periodical reports. Maintenance of data base of A/P/Y of Jute and Allied fibre and other crops in the country. Collection / compilation of information/ report on weather/crop prospects of Jute and allied fibre crops and other crops in the assigned states. Preparation of various reports in connection with the implementation of development programme on Jute and allied fibred in the country and for other crops in the assigned states. Maintenance of linkage with the state governments, agricultural universities, various research institutes, input supply agencies ministry and other organizations. Collection and maintenance of information's on various inputs viz seed, fertilizer, irrigation. Assisting the authority in arranging meeting, training, demonstration, gathering reports on technology development researches and arranging transfer of modern technology. Collection, compilation, maintenance of market and price situation, information on weather crop prospects; area, production and yield of different crops in the assigned states. Monitoring the performance of the KCC activities and matters related to the On Farm Water Management Schemes.



Administrative Officer

To assist the authority in the disposal of Establishment work and accordingly he has to perform the jobs of all matters related to Administration and Accounts work and also to supervise the work of all these matters.




To assist the authority in the accounts and administrative matters of the Directorate. His duties are mostly related to accounts, budget, expenditure control, audit matters, long/short term advances, checking bills, day to day accounts / financial transaction matters. He has to keep statistics of important data and to ensure timely disposal of audit notes. He has to submit in time Budget proposals pertaining to this Directorate.



Stenographer Gr-II

He is the stenographer attached to the Director looking after the routine nature of work by mailing correspondence, filing papers, making appointments and collecting information to provide the HOD more time to devote himself to the work of specialized nature. He has to take dictation in shorthand and has to transcribe it in the best manner possible. He has to carry out the corrections to the Officers reference book and making fair copies of draft, Demi - Official letters to be signed by the Officers. He has also to perform other typing and comparison work.